Our Philosophy.
TFH, a fully-online boutique, operates under the belief that our homes are the true storytellers - a reflection of the tiny little pieces that make us who we are. A glimpse of where we've been, and where we're headed. We hope to inspire you, and for you to love whatever you bring into your home, from us.
Meet the Founder. 
Certified Interior Decorator, Pinterest obsessor, HGTV enthusiast, you get the picture. If it's decor, count me in - and it's been this way ever since I was allowed to decorate my own room growing up. As a young girl, I'd always find myself trying to match things together - trying to make them make sense. Makeup, clothing, furniture, I was into all of it. I used to walk to school in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY and was forced into appreciating design and architecture. The brownstones are still my favorite. I'd peek into homes with huge windows and think how cool the interiors were. I was hooked. 20 some odd years later, this is still my life. 
My hope is for The Fond Home to be a brand you love, think of fondly, and owned by a Black Woman living out her dreams.  
With Love, Morgan.